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A Drink for Fresh Flowers

The question we ask you when you are in our shop and we are preparing your flowers is: "How long will your flowers be out of water?"

You have some fresh water. Do your flowers?

It's surprising the number of people who answer "only till tonight" or "just a couple of hours", "till tomorrow morning".

Think about how long you can go without a drink, how thirsty you get after just a short period of time, especially if its warm. In fact your probably thirsty right now!

Flowers, like all living things need water to stay alive.

Cut flowers need water more frequently than you do as they have little to no reserves of water to draw on, by cutting them from the plant we have taken their reserve.

This is why we like to provide a water source when we wrap your flowers whether it be a small vial of water for a single stem or specialist foam which holds water in our arrangements or with our bouquets we like to provide a small pouch of water at the base. (if you needed a drink would you be happy with a wet tissue?)

The water is essential in gaining the most life for your cut flowers, without it they will not last long and quickly become not so beautiful so water source which is routinely refreshed is an essential for prolonging your flowers life.

Some flowers are a little "tougher" than others or better suited to be placed in the floral foam arrangements than others so we provide the expert knowledge of each flower and will recommend what flower is better suited for use in the different ways of arranging flowers. We also advise the stems of bouquets and posys to be freshly cut at an angle to ensure each flower stem remains capable of drinking water.

Ensuring your flower has consistent access to water will help you have beautiful flowers for longer.

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